Attaining long term search engine success is not magic. The process begins by developing a focused and flexible Internet Marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. And continues by diligently working this plan and adjusting to new developments. If one intelligently invests their time and delivers consistent effort, their chances of long lasting search engine success are very good.

Today, SEO also employees pay-per-click PPC ad purchases, blogs, email blasts, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wikis, online wire services and other social media. In the past, Aol and MySpace were dominant.

Team Hypernet aims to take the mystery out of search engine optimization and deliver the best value in the industry by helping its clients leverage proven SEO strategies. The first step to effective search engine optimization requires companies to clearly and concisely define who they are, what they do, and why someone should do business with them.


These are key rules of Search Engine Success.

Team Hypernet SEO rule #1 – Own your name and grow your brand. Deliverables: Generate search engine friendly company profile for SEO client. Update tags and descriptions on client’s website. Deliver “baseline” search engine competitive placement report.

Team Hypernet SEO rule #2 – Own strategic business categories. Deliverables: Conduct targeted internet market research and load SEO client’s updated company profile information into strategically placed online directories.

Team Hypernet SEO rule #3 – Leverage Blogs and other social media Services Available: Blog and social media strategy development, publishing, editing, training, implementation and maintenance. Press releases and media outreach. Branding, rebranding, and logo design. Click on Team Hypernet press room for more information.

To explore how Team Hypernet's web artisans and search engine optimizers can help your business win, please contact us.